Neil's Mobile Phone Reference Pages

07/03/13 Need a lithium battery for your next project? Having trouble finding one that fits? Here is my handy list of popular phone batteries sorted by size and capacity.
08/04/09 Some info on driving the Siemens A60 LCD, a nice little colour LCD like the 3510i, with some source code for a Linux PC. This should be readily portable. It might even work under Cygwin.
05/12/08 Here's a little HD44780 character mode LCD hacked to play a game of pong:-

24/05/08 A new page about a ready made project PSU with battery backup which I bought for not much $$$.
03/05/08 Started a page on my attempts to cram a NES system into a NES Game Pak.
20/12/07 Here's my illuminated SNES flash cart.
06/09/07 The egg incubator bore fruit! Added some photos of the first leopard gecko hatchling.
06/08/07 Here's a page not at all related to recycling phone LCDs about my homemade composter.
01/08/07 Added a page on my incubator project. This uses a Nokia 3510i LCD, which is driven with an 8K Atmel AVR.
01/02/07 Just noticed Martin K's site is back online, and there's some exciting info on using the S65 display. Will remove the archive from this site now.
11/08/06 Well, it's been a while. Happened upon this useful site (in German, translation here) with info on the 3510i display.
21/12/05 Hooked the Nokia 3510i display up to a PIC16F84, finally got the code debugged. See the photos here. FPGAs are much easier to program than PICs, especially when dealing with PIC assembly!
15/11/05 See the Nokia 3510i display hooked up to an FPGA development board here. Datasheet for the die bonded onto the glass substrate is here.
24/10/05 See an archived copy of Martin-K's info on the Nokia 3510i LCD here. (English translation here.) This includes the pinout for the display.

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