Connecting the Nokia 3510i LCD to an FPGA

The connections are made by soldering standard IDC ribbon cable directly to the glass substrate. This requires a steady hand and a small soldering iron tip.
Both supply pins are tied to +3.3V. I measured the step-up voltage at pin 8 to be approximately +7.9V after LCD initialisation.
I used a 100nF cap between pin 8 and ground for decoupling, but the display flickers periodically. This probably needs to be replaced with >1uF for reliable operation. Don't know if an electrolytic will do as this pin can go negative prior to initialisation.

The LCD hooked up to the FPGA development board.

Some photos of the LCD playing a trailer for the recent Starwars movie. Image data is continuously streamed from the PC via the USB port. FPGA takes care of initialising the display, then continuously decoding the image data and writing it to the display.