Super Flash cart in new home

This is a TotoTek SNES Super Flash cart installed in a second-hand case. The lockout chip was also salvaged from the old cart and added onto this PCB. Note the wires added to the handy JTAG pads for supplying power to the illumination mod described below.

Back light for Nintendo logo


A hole is cut in the recess under the old label to line up with the new larger-than-normal Nintendo logo. A pair of white LEDs lights up the hole from either side. These were hot-glued in place once everything was lined up and looked like it was working.

A thin layer of hot-glue also makes a nice diffuser for the lights. To get it flat, stick a bit of sticky tape over the outside of the hole, apply a bit of glue to the inside so it fills the cavity and once it's cooled off a little but still soft, press it flat-ish from the inside. Wait another five minutes until it's set completely and peel the tape off. Then stick your label on so it covers everything up.

All lit up


Here it is with the lit logo in action. Happy to report the flash cart works just fine too.

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